From idea to industrialization


Artificial Intelligence for Data Driven Industries

DUCC, a pragmatic approach to data projects

The Data Use Case Canvas aims to frame a data project. It is a management tool that offers a way to maximize the chances of project success. Inclusive of identifying in advance the uncertainties that might arise at later stages of the project, and defining the project scope to be respected by various stakeholders. This unique method is thought to be generic enough to be used broadly. It applies to different fields and business areas, from marketing and insurance to the industry of the future (or Industry 4.0). All it takes is a willingness to exploit the data through predictive models.

This is why we would like to share our method with you. With this tool, you will be able to frame and develop Artificial Intelligence based data projects at your premises or on customer's site. The aim is to share our expertise and to provide a unique approach to kick-off high scale projects with certain impact for all stakeholders.

Content of DUCC®

Use Case


This is to define the problem and the use made of the data project. A use case can correspond to one or more users and must be targeted on final ROI for the client. This objective will be refined during the project implementation, based on the data content, and therefore the quality of the predictions.



Users are the people who are directly impacted by the project outcome, e.g. employees who imply the results on a daily basis in their jobs. The users can be dissociated from the client.



The constraints are related to the use case and the data. It defines all possible restrictions related to delivering successful results. From a data expert's perspective, it lists the minimum requirements to be met by the client to insure a smooth project development and implementation. Examples: response time of the application, connectivity (e.g. network connection to operate the system), dusty environment of some factories etc.


This session defines the way the solution is made accessible for the users. It can be a basic application on web or smartphone, APIs on which other applications are connected, or expert systems that can incorporate the new solution, etc.



The " nerve of war ", it is impossible to lead a project without necessary DATA. Unfortunately, the availability of data is never at levels expected to be. This is the critical part in a data project and must be to clarified upfront.